About Us

Cecilia Knox, Founder of Crown Kids Healthy Hair Care, and Crown Club has a heart for the kids! Even further, her passion for adopted/foster care families who need more help and guidance with their kiddos hair care regimen! As a foster &  adoptive parent herself, she has interacted first hand with many families and agencies across the country who continue to use her expertise as a resource while caring for their little ones. As a hair stylist and beauty educator with over 20 years of experience, Cecilia knows what it takes to promote healthy hair. She has combined her love for children and ambition in the industry to create Crown Kids Healthy Care, and Crown Club!




About Crown Kids Healthy Care

Crown Kids is a natural hair care line formulated for youth & children. We exist to help parents simplify their child's hair journey by offering products that make "hair day" fun and easy. Our motivation is born from helping diverse families overcome hair frustration and giving their child the crown they deserve! We believe in the importance of creating a "crown" for our children to be proud of. We are an African-American Family owned company who promotes entrepreneurship, creativity and responsible business practices with the next generation in mind. We are honored to serve diverse families all over the world with purpose and passion for healthy hair.




About Crown Club

As a foster and adoptive family, Cecilia understands first hand, the unique needs and challenges these families face. Although it may sound minimal task to some, hair care is major hurdle to overcome. The community service aspect of our business is essential to our mission. Crown Club was created to "lend a hand" and offer a safe space to discuss, learn, and encourage our families in their hair journey. Cecilia and her team explore "teachable moments" in a fun environment while promoting positive self worth through affirmations. Crown Club has partnered with Community Happens Here to offer monthly hair care classes for parents and their children in the Cincinnati, Ohio area.