The CrownKids Difference

We are here to HELP!

We developed Crown Kids Hair Care products specifically with frustrated parents in mind! We know one of the most challenging aspects of caring for your little ones is hair care. Crown Kids products are here to take away the guess work as you plan your child's healthy hair journey!

  • Step 1: Shampoo

    The foundation to any healthy hair care regimen is clean hair. Crown Kids Shampoo will leave your child's hair guilt free from sulfates and other harsh chemicals found on store shelves

  • Step 2: Conditioner

    Crown Kids Conditioner softens and conditions hair making it easy to comb thru. It does not contain abrasive softeners that over time weaken the hair causing breakage.

  • Step 3: Hair Pudding

    The Crown jewel of our line. Crown Kids Pudding hydrates, moisturizes, defines curls, leaves hair soft, adds shine and smells fantastic! Style twist, finger curls, comb twist, braids and ponytails with ease!

  • Step 4: Spray N' Play

    Our Spray N' Play moisturing mist can be used to detangle and style while on the go. Perfect for your morning routine, use Spray N' Play daily for a healthy shine!

  • Step 5: Shine N' Grow

    Shine N' Grow is our secret to healthy hair. This enriched growth oil will help maintain a healthy scalp a it seals in moisture between styles. No more itchy, dry, and flaky moments!

  • The Ultimate Crown Collection

    All of our products have been formulated with complementary attributes and ingrediants to support you hair journey. Used in our salon and by hundreds of families worldwide, we strive to deliver a system that "Makes Hair Day, A Fun Day"!

Making Hair Day A Fun Day!